Iʼve laboured quite extensively on the Tom Riddle's Schooldays series, both in what you have seen already, and also in what remains as yet unseen. If I were to hit you around the head with my story notes, it would hurt. In short, a lot of work has gone into it, and the copyright for my work is clearly my own (with the possible exception of the Prologue to "Silver Blood", which is a reworked version of the Pensieve scene at Wool's from HP:HBP — however, as I understand it, this constitutes "fair use" as it provides a new perspective on old material; in this case, Tom's view of that scene). There are also very many characters that are entirely my own creations, and additionally some other words, places, and concepts. I have done much to expand the world in these stories.

Naturally, to be able to write this work, Iʼve stood on the shoulders of J. K. Rowling and the work she has done in creating the magical world in which this book is set, many of the characters, and to a degree, some of the events. Iʼd like to express my sincere appreciation for that. I respect Jo's intellectual property in all appropriate aspects.

It is possible that others (Bloomsbury, Scholastic, and/or Warner Brothers, for example) may also hold some legal rights to some words and names. I say the foregoing without prejudice, since this is not a matter upon which I have yet taken legal advice, and I am merely expressing my layman's assessment that it may be so.

Iʼd like to see this series become popular and perhaps a worthy addition to the great series produced by Jo. Should that occur - I can dare to dream - Iʼd love to chat with her (and if appropriate, any other potential copyright / trademark owners of certain names and words used in my writing) and come to some good arrangement, possibly involving a healthy portion of the proceeds to charity, and a modest portion kept for the work done. Iʼm not a money-motivated person, but Iʼd also love to keep a roof over my head too, and provide for my son, not always an easy thing; I'm about as rich as Jo was when writing Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. As an aside: my son is currently five years old, and his favourite spells are "expelliarmus" and "expecto patronum".

All this to say: I am just a person trying to add something hopefully of value to the world. Should you be one of the various claimants to something I'm using, and wish to discuss any of the above matters, I urge you to use the "Owl Post" link in the top right, to send me an owl, I mean, email, and we can take it from there.