Tom Riddle's Schooldays is currently raising money for "Rethink Mental Illness", a non-profit organization with which the author is not affiliated, but wishes to support.

Many children grow up with an unstable and unpredictable parent, and it's not controversial to say it affects their own psychological development.

That being said, it's honestly not the parent's fault if they themselves have a personality disorder or other mental health issue that makes their behaviour difficult to manage, and it's not necessary to demonize them - but it sometimes is necessary to provide support for all concerned, and to raise overall awareness of the matter also. The more mental health is understood, and the less mental health problems are stigmatized, the more people will be able to get the support that is needed (and even be able to better manage their quirks for themselves, for that matter).

So yes, time to "Rethink Mental Illness". Their mission statement is “to lead the way to a better quality of life for everyone affected by severe mental illness”.

To read more about the great work this charity does, visit:

To donate online, visit: Rethink Mental Illness - Donate Now

To donate by text message (if youʼre in the UK), text “FAIR” to 70300 to donate £3

If you can't donate or don't want to, that's just fine too.