I set out to write the Tom Riddle's Schooldays series of books in the hopes of producing a compelling prequel to the Harry Potter series of books, and to perhaps take a look into the kind of mind that would later go on to become the villain of the stories that follow. Why the special interest in this particular backstory, when, for example, most fans are crying out for a Marauder-era prequel, busy writing fanfiction, and such? Well, for me, it's simply a personal matter of feeling more of an affinity with Tom Riddle:

Like Tom, I grew up in a poor house. Tom was orphaned (or at least believed he was), while I was fostered by a few sets of foster parents as a small child. Like Tom, at the age of 11 I nevertheless got myself a scholarship to a good school (though mine was only half as old as Hogwarts). Like Tom, I did well at school despite my fair share of rule-breaking, but then surprised everyone by taking a less than illustrious route immediately after school, because like Tom, I had my own priorities.

There are plenty of other similarities between myself and Tom, but rather than paint myself into too villainous a corner, I'll reflect on a few things where we are not alike:

I have a son, and while (ok, like Tom), I tend to have numerous personal projects going on at any one time, I now invest a lot of my time and energy into him, too. He's turned into a charming young chap, with an inquisitive mind, not to mention a shared enjoyment of the Harry Potter series.

While often choosing to be alone, I also enjoy the company of friends when it occurs, and I think I appreciate them better than Tom appreciates those who are friendly to him.

I have a love of languages, and I'm comfortable with quite a few of them (having read the Harry Potter books in at least seven languages and recently started reading in an eighth, unless I forgot one). When I'm not writing Tom Riddle's Schooldays or doing things with my son, I am mostly trying to scratch a living as a writer (web articles and copywriting) and translator (web articles, advertisements, websites).

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